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So you're a new agent or maybe one trying to get re-started, either way we hope these resources are helpful. Of course, Heartland welcomes your suggestions to improve this site or any real estate questions. Email us. 815.459.0600

10 Starter Ideas:
  1. Check out the options on this website on the menu to the left.
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    • Timeline for Success - What to do next
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  2. Build Your Database -- your "sphere of influence"
    • Family & friends, school mates, Christmas card list, religious contacts, sports, contacts through your children, business netwroks, anyone who would let you help them buy/sell a property.
    • Minimum 400 contacts -- children don't count.
    • 10% of them should be active annually resulting in potentially 40 deals a year.

  3. Build Online Presence
    • Consider whether you need a separate business page or mix it with your personal page. If you're going to have a presence be sure to stay active with it. In other words don't have a Facebook page if you're never on Facebook.
    • Post no political or controversial messages. None!

  4. Consider Working a "Farm area"
    • "Farm" an area by regularly sending mailers and other information to that area. Minimum 100 addresses. Keep it hyper focused for the first year, two or three -- not too many! Bigger is not better. And don't move it around -- work one area consistently. It takes a couple of years for the marketing to really start to pay off. Minimum 8 contacts to those properties annually. This is in addition to maintaining contact with your 'sphere' listed above.
    • This topic is discussed in detail with examples in heartland's 'Business Builder' course.

  5. Leverage Your Company's Image
    Most companies spend lots of money to put their logo -- now YOUR logo -- in front of consumers. Utilize the power of that branding to build your reputation with consumers.

  6. Tell Everyone You Know that you're in real estate
    • For some odd reason when people are studying to getting their real estate license, they tell everyone in the world but once they've earned it and signed on with a firm, they stop telling ANYONE.
    • Wear your name badge everywhere. Hand out business cards to everyone. Leave a branded pen anywhere you sign your name (yes every store).

  7. Heartland's FREE Library
    Heartland's Crystal Lake office has three large bookshelves full of resources. Look for our "Power Success Tools" sign hanging from the ceiling or ask the staff.

  8. Take Advantage of your Firm's Resources
    Some brokerages offer free branded mailers, perhaps business cards, sign riders or even postage. Find out what they offer and utilize it.

  9. Be Visible
    This is a networking business. The more people you know , inside and out of the industry, the more likely you will be successful. You are your own worst enemy. For the most part no one is going to require you to be in the office or making calls or otherwise 'working it'. That lack of accountability can be your death. Find your own motivation and go after it!

    Not everyone desires to be a top producer. Know your ambition and set your goals. Reinvest in your business.

  10. Tons of more ideas are covered in Heartland's Business Builder Course and it's free!
    This course is offered up to 8 times a year and taught be a seasoned 20+ year real estate veteran with a Master's Degree in Real Estate. Even veteran agents have taken the course and came away with a few tips, hints, and pointers.

  11. RPR® Residential: Eight How-Tos for New Users
    Members learn how to conduct simple searches, gather data on schools and neighborhoods, and create useful maps, among other things, in eight how-tos featured in a New User Series on RPR® Residential.
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